Choosing a veterinarian for your pet is as important as selecting a human doctor for your own medical care. Veterinarians serve as your family doctor for your four-legged family members and help you understand the ins and outs of pet care, to ensure a long life with your best friend. Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center’s owner, Dr. Cassi Pettyjohn, leads a team of passionate, caring veterinarians and staff who consider your pets as family and truly love caring for every animal who enters their clinic. Dr. Pettyjohn’s love for veterinary medicine has been lifelong, and she has a diverse background, with special talents inside and outside the exam room.

Dr. Pettyjohn realizes a lifelong veterinary dream

Dr. Pettyjohn, who hails from the small town of Syracuse, Kansas, with fewer than 2,000 residents, decided in high school that veterinary medicine was her life’s calling. Her loving family supported and encouraged her every step of the way throughout her veterinary journey, and she was the first family member to obtain a veterinary degree. She completed her bachelor’s degree in animal science at Kansas State University and then received a coveted class spot in the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated as a DVM in 2002. Although you have seen Dr. Pettyjohn skillfully care for your fluffy pups and curious cats, she spent the first part of her career traveling throughout the United States, focused on equine medicine. She then relocated to the Houston area and began to focus her veterinary work on companion animals. She quickly developed special interests and skills in dermatology, internal medicine, and dentistry, and a few years later accomplished her dream of joining the Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center, where at only 37, she leads the team. 

Dr. Pettyjohn’s home, filled with two- and four-legged children

In addition to her husband, Ryan, and two children, Hannah and Colt, Dr. Pettyjohn shares her home with a menagerie of four-legged children. Her love of Major League Baseball has inspired some names of her numerous pets, who include: 

  • Ankiel — Dr. Pettyjohn’s first fur child is a female, geriatric mini Australian shepherd named after Rick Ankiel. Ankiel was a present from her husband when they were dating.
  • Molina — Her pup Molina is one of Ankiel’s daughters, named after Yadier Molina. 
  • Jack Dr. Pettyjohn decided this English cream golden retriever belonged in her family after he was born in one the Stone Ridge exam rooms and was not breathing. Jack was revived and joined her family six weeks later. 
  • Luke Designated as the worst cat ever, Luke was a birthday gift to Dr. Pettyjohn’s daughter, and like many cats, prefers adoration from a distance. 

Dr. Pettyjohn outside veterinary medicine

Although Dr. Pettyjohn’s passion is veterinary medicine and caring for animals, she also enjoys a diverse variety of hobbies and interests. Some may surprise you—for example, she can make seriously accurate monkey sounds. Some other fun facts include:

  • Her favorite food is Chimichangas.
  • She loves fishing and hopes to fly fish in Montana.
  • Dr. Pepper beats Coke or Pepsi in any soda challenge. 
  • She loves the outdoors, especially when skiing, although she does not like being cold.
  • She prefers lakes over oceans, as salt and sand are not her favorite environments.
  • She is an avid camper, but is equally comfortable relaxing in a spa. 

Dr. Pettyjohn has a thirst for adventure, and hopes to travel to the Carolinas and Lake Tahoe in the next five years. Many years from now, when she and her husband Ryan retire, they plan to travel around the United States in an RV and attend a game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums, where they likely will get inspiration for more pets’ names. 

Dr. Pettyjohn’s passion and kindness radiate through her work, family, and all who interact with her. Her life philosophy is to “take life one day at a time and make the best out of every situation, and treat others with respect and be nice. You never know what they are going through in life.”  

Our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center team is confident your furry pal will love Dr. Pettyjohn as much as we love working with her. The next time your pet has an appointment, don’t forget to ask Dr. Pettyjohn about her favorite baseball team.