As a pet owner, you naturally want to know who is taking care of your beloved companion. After all, your furry pal is much more than a pet—they’re family. Here at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center at Conroe, we want you to be a member of our family, as well. We pride ourselves on developing lifelong bonds with our clients and patients, and welcoming them into our tight-knit family. However, you may not know much about our team members, except that they offer your precious pet exceptional care.

One of our team’s key players is our incredible veterinarian, Dr. Laura Kitten. After all, with a name like that, what else could she be? She has been part of the Stone Ridge at Conroe family for a little over a year, and she is a valuable addition, because she shows so much care and devotion to her patients and clients. As a newer team member, you may not have had the chance yet to get to know our fabulous Dr. Kitten, so let’s dig into her background.

A lifelong love for animals

Dr. Laura Kitten was originally from Lubbock, Texas, and has always been in love with animals. In fact, she announced that she wanted to be an animal doctor at her kindergarten graduation, and has since followed her dreams. Throughout her early college career, she planned to specialize in equine medicine, especially after working with an equine surgeon in Lamesa, Texas, but while attending Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, she discovered a passion for companion animals.

During her fourth year of veterinary school, Dr. Kitten searched for a job in the Texas A&M area,  and took a position with Banfield after graduating in 2017. However, she never felt that it was a perfect fit, and she began searching for a different veterinary practice where she could set down roots. Fortunately, she discovered Stone Ridge at Conroe, and she has been part of our family for a little over a year. Dr. Kitten says she is delighted to be part of the team, and that it feels like home—and we’re overjoyed to have her! She says her favorite part of her working day is watching her patients, especially the difficult cases, recover and feel better, and seeing her sweet patients happy and healthy make all the challenging days worthwhile. She especially enjoys dermatology, endocrinology, and cardiology cases. 

A passion for pets

At home, Dr. Kitten has a relatively small pack, but each pooch is a cherished family member. She and her husband enjoy the companionship of a German shorthaired pointer and a Doberman pinscher, who will both turn 8 years old next month. Their German shorthaired pointer is an anomaly, as he is shockingly calm and serious, rarely misbehaves, and enjoys cuddling most of all. Their Doberman is the class clown, and is always getting into mischief, but he has the sweetest heart, and is an excellent doggy companion to children. 

Although Dr. Kitten grew up riding and showing horses, she currently does not own any. As a child, her family was never able to stretch the budget to include a horse, so she rode whichever horse her trainer had available, and learned great horsewoman skills. One of her biggest dreams is to own land, a couple of horses, chickens, and maybe a cow. When she has the additional space, she will have her own horses, and would love to take up riding again.

A thirst for adventure

Despite being incredibly unathletic, she says, Dr. Kitten tries her best to keep up with her sporty husband, who has taught her to love snow skiing and wakeboarding, and together, they enjoy any boating or water-related activities. Dr. Kitten has such a water obsession that one of her bucket-list items is swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas. She’d also like to try her hand at spearfishing, and travel more with her husband.  

An unbreakable family bond

Dr. Kitten married her high school sweetheart, Stephen, who is a lieutenant firefighter for the Montgomery Fire Department. As best friends, she loves that he pushes her to try new things, and that he embraces her nonathletic side with novel activities, especially those that are water-based. 

Dr. Kitten would love to have her entire family close by, now she is settled in Conroe. She managed to convince her sister and brother-in-law to move to the area from Brooklyn, and now she and her sister are trying to persuade their parents to move from Lubbock. 

If you’re a watersports-lover, ensure you request Dr. Kitten for your pet’s next appointment. Or, if your furry pal has a cardiac, endocrine, or skin issue, Dr. Kitten would be delighted to handle your pet’s case—give us a call, and set up a visit.