A well-run veterinary practice relies on an entire team working together to achieve the best pet and client care possible, and our Stone Ridge VMC of Conroe’s veterinary technicians are an essential part of that team. Our vet techs are our veterinarians’ right hands who can do everything from gathering a patient’s history and educating clients on pet care, to monitoring anesthesia and assisting with surgery. During your pet’s appointment, you’ll spend quite a bit of time with our vet techs, as they’ll be the ones asking questions about your pet’s health, explaining medication instructions, and offering healthcare tips and tricks learned from years in veterinary medicine. We’d like to share the background of one of our veterinary technician superstars, to help you learn more about your pet’s caretaker. Read on to meet Carrington Loop.

Carrington’s road to veterinary medicine and beyond

Carrington Loop was born in Conroe, Texas, and has been part of the veterinary field since 2011. Her passion for helping animals began when she was a little girl, and she has worked with small and large animals during her lifelong love affair. Before landing at Stone Ridge VMC of Conroe, she worked with hogs in Iowa for three years. In fact, our practice did not exist when Carrington left for Iowa, but when she was ready to move back home to Texas, she set up an interview before she left Iowa. When she saw how close our practice was to her family, she was excited to apply. 

Carrington’s favorite—and, she says, most rewarding—part of being a veterinary technician is when an owner or patient really needs help, and the entire staff works together as a team to make miracles happen. It’s especially rewarding when those patients go home, and come back for their medical progress exam a couple of weeks later as completely different animals. Seeing her team’s hard work pay off with a happy and healthy pet is the best part of the job.   

Carrington’s home life

Carrington shares her home with two pets. Pumpkin is an adorable little black cat whom she and her husband rescued from her husband’s workplace. A stray cat had had kittens, and Pumpkin, with her sassy attitude, was the only one who survived. Duckie is her crazy, sweet, silly golden retriever who Carrington and her daughters consider their best friend. 

Carrington has been married to her best friend for almost 10 years, and is still enamored with the love of her life, who, she says, is the most amazing human you will ever meet. Together, she and her husband have two beautiful, sassy, smart girls who are 6 and 3 years old. Carrington says her little family is God’s greatest gift to her, and she wouldn’t be anywhere without them. 

Carrington behind the scenes

One of the most surprising things about Carrington is that she used to work for one of the largest privately owned hog farms in Iowa. After spending all that time around hogs, you might think she’d love bacon, but seafood is her favorite food. She claims she could eat twice her body weight in crab legs, given the chance.

During Carrington’s downtime, she loves spending time with her family—anything that involves her husband and girls brings her much joy. One of her goals is to take her family to DisneyLand. Carrington has never been, and she thinks her daughters would be as excited as she would to go on such an adventure. 

When prompted to choose between the mountains or ocean, Carrington always picks the mountains. And, she says, Coke wins out over Pepsi. However, when asked to choose between a camping or spa weekend, she couldn’t choose, since she loves being outside, but also enjoys the spa.

One little-known fact about Carrington—she loves art, and has a special talent for drawing and painting. She loves to paint when she has free time, and especially likes learning new things and improving her technique. 

Now when you visit Stone Ridge VMC of Conroe with your pet, you’ll feel like you’ve known Carrington for years. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with our team.