At Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe, we are fortunate to have a compassionate, dedicated, animal-loving team. From our technician assistants to our veterinarians, each and every member of our team brings something special to our patient and client care services. We couldn’t perform nearly as many veterinary services without the aid of our hard-working, skilled technician assistants. This month, we want to highlight Kelleyanne Kelley, one of our incredible tech assistants. 

Technician assistants, including Kellyanne, are vital members of, and wonderful assets to, our veterinary team. At any point during the day, you may find Kelleyanne performing the following invaluable tasks:

  • Restraining a pet while their blood is drawn
  • Assisting a veterinary technician who is taking X-rays
  • Helping our veterinarians in exam rooms
  • Comforting a pet while they recover from anesthesia and surgery
  • Performing nail trims, cleaning out ears, or expressing anal glands
  • Administering medication under a technician’s or veterinarian’s supervision
  • Educating pet owners on common pet health topics

As a technician assistant, Kelleyanne is always poised and ready to jump in wherever she is needed. Read her story, to learn how she became part of the Stone Ridge family.

Kelleyanne’s path to veterinary medicine

Kelleyanne was born in San Francisco and raised in northern California. Fortunately for our Stone Ridge team, her family moved to Texas during Kelleyanne’s high school years. While in high school, Kelleyanne pursued her love for animals and enrolled in her school’s veterinary program. During her senior year, she completed the veterinary assistant program. In college, Kelleyanne studied social science, with a specific focus on sociology. 

However, her heart called her back to veterinary medicine, and she reconnected with her first love. When she saw a technician assistant position was open at Stone Ridge, she knew she had found her perfect fit. She was delighted to accept the job offer in July 2020, knowing that Stone Ridge would be a great place to learn and grow, and advance her veterinary career. Her favorite part about her job is knowing that the work she is doing is helping her furry patients. 

Kelleyanne’s home life

At home, Kelleyanne shares her life with two cats and her foster kitten. Her family is a group of devoted Doberman pinscher enthusiasts—they own four of these regal dogs. The adorable kitten that Kelleyanne has been fostering is looking for a new home, and his handsome appearance and fetch skills will no doubt find him the perfect family. (Hint, hint: He could be yours!)

As an only child, Kelleyanne has developed a great relationship with her parents over the years. She currently lives with her cats for company, and always enjoys the antics of her four-legged roommates.

Kelleyanne’s favorite things

Although Kelleyanne went to school for human behavior, she decided during her studies that she preferred working with animals. Working at Stone Ridge allows her to connect her interest in helping people with her love of animals.

When asked about some of her favorite things, Kelleyanne said:

  • Favorite food — Her favorite dish is spaghetti loaded with cheese. 
  • Favorite pastimes — She enjoys reading, watching old movies, baking, and doing crafts. 
  • Ocean or mountains? — If Kelleyanne had to pick, she would choose the ocean.
  • Coke or Pepsi? — Kelleyanne is a Diet Coke fan—score one for Coke in the intense Coke-Pepsi battle.
  • Camping or spa weekend? — She prefers spending her time outdoors, and would opt for a weekend camping rather than being pampered at a spa.

In the future, Kelleyanne wants to spend at least six months traveling the world, visiting as many museums as possible. In addition, swimming with manatees is a dream. 

During your pet’s appointment at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe, you likely will see Kelleyanne. She may be holding your pet and offering comfort while they’re vaccinated, or speaking soothingly as their blood is drawn. You can always rest assured that your furry pal is in excellent hands with Kelleyanne.

Give us a call to schedule your pet’s appointment, and you may be treated to Kelleyanne’s extraordinary talent of memorizing obscure facts.