Every veterinary practice needs a strong team, and our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe team is made up of exceptional players who work together to ensure your pet receives excellent care from the moment they arrive. The level of care we provide takes a special kind of person, like Ricardo Cortez—one of our dedicated technician assistants, whom we’re introducing to you today. As a technician assistant, Ricardo supports our veterinary technicians with their everyday tasks and duties, including:

  • Assisting them during your pet’s routine care appointments
  • Preparing your pet for a safe and stress-free surgery
  • Collecting your information and helping triage your pet quickly in an emergency
  • Jumping in to help with administrative tasks that help our clinic run smoothly
  • Comforting your pet during procedures such as blood draws and vaccines
  • Ensuring our facility is clean to prevent illness and infection

Ricardo’s love for animals and people shines through in his work every day. His warm personality, flexibility, and passion make him an integral part of the services we provide, and we are happy to have him on our team. Get to know Ricardo and his journey to joining the Stone Ridge family.

Ricardo’s lifelong dream

Ricardo grew up on a ranch in Corsicana, Texas, and was surrounded by animals from an early age. As a child, he knew he wanted to grow up to do something helping animals, and after graduating from high school, he decided he would like to work in a veterinary clinic so he could continue to spend his days surrounded by the animals he cares for so deeply. 

Fate steps in to bring Ricardo to Stone Ridge

Ricardo’s fiancée, Gabrielle, was already working on the Stone Ridge team, and he saw how happy and fulfilled she was here. He was impressed by the knowledge and skills she developed as a part of the team, and was eager to start his own veterinary medicine journey.

Thanks to Gabrielle’s encouragement, Ricardo joined the Stone Ridge team and is now a true part of the family. Ricardo enjoys meeting clients and pets, learning from his colleagues, improving his skills through hands-on experiences, and seeing the results of great veterinary medicine every day. 

Ricardo’s life outside Stone Ridge

At home, Ricardo enjoys spending time with his two cats, Po and Butter, and his Lab mix, BO. He is close to both of his parents, as well as to his brother and two sisters, and looks forward to marrying Gabrielle, to whom he recently proposed.  

Ricardo’s love for animals extends beyond cats and dogs. He learned to ride horses on the ranch in Texas at the age of 5 and has been training horses on his own for years. When he’s not caring for pets at Stone Ridge or training horses, he enjoys riding horses, working out, and camping.  

A few (more) of Ricardo’s favorite things

We asked Ricardo the tough questions to really get to know him as a person, and here’s what he had to say:

  • Favorite food — Peanut butter pancakes
  • Mountains or ocean? — Mountains 
  • Coke or Pepsi? — Coke
  • Bucket list item — Skydiving
  • Special talent — Playing the guitar

Be sure to say, “Hello” to Ricardo the next time you and your pet come to visit us at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe. You will see how much he cares for animals by the smile on his face as he gently holds your pet and helps keep them calm and comfortable during their appointment. 

Contact us to schedule your pet’s appointment, and you may be able to persuade Ricardo to play you a song on his guitar.