As anyone in the veterinary industry can tell you, ensuring pets receive the care and attention they need to stay happy and healthy requires a great team. From kennel attendants keeping patients’ bedding clean and dry, to veterinarians diagnosing challenging diseases, each of our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe team members plays a critical role in your pet’s overall health. 

Manning the front lines—and the front desk—are our invaluable client care specialists. These team members are highly skilled—they do everything from triaging your pet’s condition over the phone to answering questions about preventive care and wellness—and without them, we couldn’t help as many pets. Plus, they’re masters at juggling overbooked schedules and finding the time for your pet’s appointment that works best for you, which can be a challenge all by itself. Read on to learn more about Amber Michaud, one of our exceptionally talented client care specialists.

A lifetime dedicated to helping people and animals

Amber Michaud was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and always knew she would work with animals someday. She has always loved not only working around animals, but also helping people—two important traits for a veterinary client care specialist. Amber knew Stone Ridge of Conroe was her perfect fit. 

When scrolling through Indeed, looking for her next career opportunity, Amber saw an ad for a client care specialist position at our hospital. She jumped at the chance for a job that melded those two favorite things—people and their pets—and applied. When asked about the best aspect of her job, Amber said the interactions with the owners and their pets make her day, and she loves helping in any way possible. Her devotion to her clients and patients makes Amber a truly extraordinary client care specialist. 

A pack of two

At home, Amber has placed herself on Team Dog, since her household consists of two dogs. Stella Rose is a gorgeous husky mix, and still an energetic pup at age 2, and Bailey, a year-old silver Labrador, is an excellent playmate for Stella Rose. Both dogs brim with boundless energy, and love running around with animated cases of the zoomies.

A family of five

You may be able to guess by her last name that Amber is French, but she also has a little Polish ancestry in her family tree. Amber is her parents’ only daughter, in the middle of her two brothers. Her older brother, Tyler, 25, is a year and a half older than Amber, while her younger brother, Nathan, at 17, is 7 years younger. Their dad works in the oil and gas industry, while their mom is a teacher.

A peek into Amber’s life

When asked about a few of her favorite things—outside her job, of course—Amber replied that one item on her menu of preferred foods is ribs, which she pairs with a Pepsi product, rather than Coke. She’d also likely make her own dessert for the meal, since her favorite hobby is baking. 

When Amber heads outdoors, she enjoys the mountains more than the ocean. But, she draws the line at any camping, and would choose a spa weekend over a couple days of roughing the outdoors in a tent, because, “The bugs in Texas are way too big to camp.”

In the next five years, Amber would like to build a customized house. Skydiving is also on her bucket list.

We hope you will feel more part of the Stone Ridge family when you call to make an appointment for your pet, now that you know more about Amber, who will likely answer the telephone. Then, when you stop in, you can share with her your favorite baking tips and recipes, or talk about the joys of raising two energetic young dogs.