When you call Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe, you’re likely greeted by the friendly voice of Michele Moore, one of our incredible customer care specialists. With more than 20 years of veterinary customer care experience, and a lifelong love of animals, you’re in good hands whenever you have any questions about pet care. Our customer care specialists play a vital role in the overall running of our hospital, manning the front lines by triaging emergencies, fielding nonstop phone calls, soothing emotional pet owners, and showing off their impressive multitasking skills. 

We are fortunate to have Michele and her years of wisdom in such a critical position, and that her smiling face greets every client who walks through our doors, immediately welcoming them, and making them feel at home. Although you may simply know her as your pet’s favorite customer care specialist who hands out the best treats, Michele has many hidden talents. Let’s learn more about Michele, and her life outside our veterinary clinic. 

Michele’s path to Stone Ridge

Originally from Vidor, Texas, Michele Moore, a lifelong animal lover, always knew she wanted to work in a veterinary clinic. After a delayed start, she found her first veterinary clinic position in 1996, after she had three children. She then took off a couple of years, but started back up in March 2000, and has since enjoyed every minute of her 20-plus year career. 

Michele found her way to Stone Ridge after forming a tight bond with Dr. Pettyjohn, whom she had met when Dr. Pettyjohn was a relief veterinarian at the clinic where Michele was working. The two ladies hit it off, and one day, Dr. Pettyjohn said to Michele, “If I had my own clinic, I’d want you to work there.” Remembering what she said, Michele reached out to Dr. Pettyjohn when she saw on Facebook that she was breaking ground on her Stone Ridge clinic, and Michele has been part of Stone Ridge ever since. 

Michele’s favorite part about being a customer care specialist is taking care of each client who walks through our doors, or simply calls us. She is a people person through and through, and loves building long-lasting relationships with our clients and their furry family members. She enjoys answering any question any pet owner has about caring for their pet, and ensuring they have whatever they need to keep their best friend happy and healthy. At the end of the day, she is satisfied that each client leaves with a smile, confident that we truly care for them and their pets. 

Michele’s home life

At home, Michele soaks up the love of her many pets. Four dogs have found their way into her home and family. Millie, their golden retriever, is the only dog they have ever purchased. Puppy Puppy, their coonhound mix, was found roaming the neighborhood as a stray puppy. A breeder gave Michele Jojo the toy poodle at 6 weeks of age, because he was born with one eye. And, last but not least, Shwuppy the Chihuahua was given to Michele at 24 hours old, because his mom wouldn’t feed him. 

Three cats also grace Michele’s home—Pickle, Sissy, and Kingsley. Kingsley was the clinic cat at Michelle’s previous clinic, given to her because he bit a client who wouldn’t let him in her purse. 

Rounding out Michele’s animal menagerie is Benny, their African gray parrot, who is full of delightful tricks, and keeps the family entertained. 

On the human side, Michele shares her home with Don, her husband of 32 years. Their three children have moved out, and are living their own lives. Their oldest daughter, Kymberli, an SHSU graduate, who majored in elementary education, has two sons of her own—Arlo and Jude. Clay, their son, is a dancer and choreographer for the non-profit organization, Leap for Joy, which provides classes for underprivileged children. Kayci, their youngest, graduated with honors from UT Arlington in 2019, where she played softball with a scholarship. This fall, Kayci will begin a new job as the assistant softball coach at one of the local high schools.  

Michele’s hidden talents, hopes, and dreams

After learning about Michele’s career and family, let’s dig a little deeper.

  • Michele danced for more than 20 years in ballet and jazz companies.
  • Her favorite food is Italian.
  • She enjoys reading and listening to ’70s music.
  • She’d love to see the Northern Lights someday.
  • In the next five years, she hopes to be cancer-free.

To top off her many talents, Michele knows many children’s songs she learned from Barney when her kids were young. She’s not afraid to sing them in public, and you may catch her crooning a Barney tune to your furry pal. 

Although you’ve likely already seen Michele in action as she answered your questions about parasite-prevention options and more, take a second to ask her to sing a Barney song the next time you call to schedule your pet’s appointment. We promise you won’t be disappointed!