Noise Aversion in Dogs: Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

Over two-thirds of dogs have noise aversion, a debilitating but treatable anxiety condition. Despite the high prevalence, most noise-averse dogs go undiagnosed and untreated, despite their condition worsening over time. Because dogs with noise aversion suffer similarly to a human with a panic attack, the Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe team shares the [...]

Tick Troubles: What to Do if You Find a Tick on Your Pet

Seeing a tiny tick scurrying through your pet’s fur is enough to make your skin crawl, but removing a tick bloated from feeding on your four-legged friend is much worse. Fortunately, there are many excellent ways to keep ticks off your pet and to prevent them from making your furry pal their next meal. Learn [...]

Lyme Disease and Prevention: A Pet Owner’s Guide

Climate and environment change is forcing wildlife, including the tick population, to search for new homes and food sources. Expanding ever westward, black-legged ticks are on the hunt for their next meal, which could be your pet. Read our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe team’s comprehensive Lyme disease guide to learn everything you [...]

Tangling with Toxins: Common Pet Toxins to Avoid

Cats and dogs follow their noses in search of delicious snacks, but that keen sense of smell can prove troublesome if they sniff out a tasty toxin. Many substances in your home, garage, and yard can be hazardous and potentially fatal for your pet, especially if they do not receive immediate treatment. Learn about the [...]

Ouch, That Hurts: How to Spot Arthritis in Your Cat

Cats are notorious for hiding pain and illness signs, and you may not realize your feline friend is silently suffering until their arthritis is advanced. Knowing what signs to look for can help you spot arthritis at an earlier stage, when you can get your cat the help they need to remain comfortable and mobile.  [...]

Meet the Team: Ricardo, Technician Assistant

Every veterinary practice needs a strong team, and our Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center of Conroe team is made up of exceptional players who work together to ensure your pet receives excellent care from the moment they arrive. The level of care we provide takes a special kind of person, like Ricardo Cortez—one of our [...]

Look Out for Leptospirosis—Is Your Dog Protected?

We are fortunate to live in an outdoor utopia—Conroe, Texas. Our dense forests and serene sandy shores offer a beautiful backdrop for your daily walk with your dog. However, did you know that your dog could contract a potentially fatal disease by taking an innocent drink from a puddle? Leptospirosis is a life-threatening bacterial infection [...]

Meet the Team: Lauren Flower, Client Care Specialist

Client care specialists are hardworking individuals, capable of maintaining a smile and a friendly attitude in the face of overwhelming phone calls, difficult questions, and a lobby full of rowdy pets. Not only do our client care specialists have to handle the challenging position of manning the reception desk, but they also must have a [...]

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