Is Your Pet’s Food Safe? The Potential Link Between Diet and Heart Disease

As a pet owner, you do everything you can to ensure your beloved companion lives a long, healthy life, including providing the best diet and nutrition. If it’s high-priced and touted as the most natural food for your dog’s wild ancestors, it must be top-of-the-line, right? Unfortunately, pet-food marketing is a huge industry that plays [...]

Battling the Bangs and Booms: Helping Your Pet Cope with Noise Aversion

Many people enjoy watching a flashing thunderstorm come rolling in, and young and old delight in sparkling firework explosions. Unfortunately for our pets, these booming situations can cause intense anxiety and fear, rather than wonder and awe.  What is a noise aversion or phobia? Noise aversions and phobias are two different conditions. Many pets suffer [...]

Parasite Paradise: How to Protect Your Pet from Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworms

When you look at your pet, you may see a beloved furry family member, but fleas, ticks, and heartworm-carrying mosquitoes see their next meal. One bite from any of these parasites can transmit a potentially deadly disease. So, brush up on your knowledge about these bloodsuckers, the diseases they transmit, and the signs to watch [...]

Road to Relief: Battling Allergies in Pets

Many pets, like people, suffer from allergies in spring and summer, but the signs in pets are different and more difficult to diagnose and treat. Pets can suffer with seasonal allergies that create flares when mold and pollen counts are high. Fleas, which also enjoy warmer temperatures, can wreak havoc in allergic pets with one [...]

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